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Irvine Folk Club – Improvements with a concrete block and beam floor

The Irvine Folk Club has now pocket option settled well into its new home, The Golf Hotel, Kilwinning Road, Irvine and we thank Wilson and his staff for making us so welcome. This blog will cover how other folk clubs can use a block and beam floor for new renovations and foundation construction.

beam and block floor

The Irvine Folk Club is also responsible for putting together the Marymass Folk Festival which is held every year in August.

How to build extensions on a Folk Club using a concrete block and beam floor

It’s something that every public venue dreads, having to shut down to build something time consuming but essential for the business such as an extensions pocket option demo . When you’re building a part of a building that’s going to be external it generally the disruption is minimal, however when foundations are needed to build something much more permanent block and beam flooring can be the perfect method of construction.

Why clubs like the Irvine Folk Club and others can make use of a block and beam and fence panels

We’re writing this blog to offer tips and advice to people who find themselves in a similar position to us. When we first priced up using precast concrete beams we were pleasantly surprised with the cost but we still didn’t understand exactly how the technology functioned. It turns out that precast concrete beams are placed into the ground, these have been formed under immense pressure which makes them incredibly strong and able to support the load of a large building.

The construction time was pretty fast too and worked really well with the new that we were having installed too.

If you’re thinking pocket option deposit bonus about using this method of flooring for your folk club or even in your home we may have a few tips to offer on how to choose the right beam and block floor for you, so get in touch via our contact page!